Thursday, April 17, 2014

Love Beyond Measure

Dear Ones,

I would like to share a message that I received from the  Divine that has helped me in times when I felt overwhelmed, upset, or that life was really difficult.

Relax. Open your heart to receive this tender message from the Divine that is meant for everyone:

You are loved beyond measure.

When life brings challenges of any kind, come to me. Remember my name and call it often. I will support you. When you can no longer carry your burdens, lay them at my feet.

I am here for you.

You are not facing the world alone. You are my child. I cradle you in my arms though you cannot see me. I wipe your tears without your knowing. 

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved.


Thank you, Divine.

How blessed we are to have the unending support and boundless blessings of Heaven. It is truly a blessing beyond comprehension or measure.

Have you received a similar message of support at any time in your life? I'd like to hear from you.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Treasure Beyond Words: Divine Healing Hands

Sometimes we are met with opportunities that are like rare gems, and we either recognize them as such or pass them by.

I have done this many times myself; not recognized or understood deeply enough the value of something or someone until it was too late. The opportunity was lost.

Why am I sharing this? There is an opportunity that is available to everyone, and it can help you, your loved ones and humanity in a very special way.

Millions and millions--we could probably say billions--of people are suffering. They suffer from chronic and life-threatening conditions. Many suffer from emotional imbalances, including anxiety and depression, anger, fear, grief, worry, and more. 

5,000 people around the world have been empowered to help themselves and others by receiving Divine Healing Hands, an incredibly powerful healer transmission that has created thousands of soul healing miracles across the globe. 

Divine Healing Hands blessings can heal and transform humanity and create love, peace and harmony for humanity and Mother Earth.

How do they do this? Divine Healing Hands carry Divine frequency and vibration that can transform the frequency of anyone and anything: your health, emotions, relationships, finances, business, pets, and much, much more. This means that you can apply Divine Healing Hands to offer very high level blessings for any aspect of life for yourself and others. Divine Healing Hands are very unique, unlike any other healing modality, and they complement all healing methods, including traditional medicine. 

It is a tremendous honor to carry Divine Healing Hands. I have applied Divine Healing Hands to heal a variety of issues for myself and many others. One recipient's strong desire for alcohol stopped completely after one blessing. In his own words: 
I feel as if I have transformed into a different person, feeling strength and clarity...I have made changes in my life that have helped me with the issues I shared with you. The biggest change is I stopped drinking. I realized that I was always in a fog and it is why I could not see life the way I see it now. And secondly, I now have control of my emotions like I never had before.
All credit goes to the Divine, from whom these healing treasures and blessings come. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Divine Healing Hands are only transmitted by Master Zhi Gang Sha and his Divine Channels and Worldwide Representatives, of which I am so honored to be one of 34 worldwide. I myself am not holding a training this time, but you can join the global Divine Healing Hands training taking place April 11-13 in one of 26 cities around the world. It is an extraordinary training at an extraordinary time in history. Learn more and apply to join the Divine Healing Hands movement. 

This Divine Healer training program is a rare gem that is too valuable to miss. I know what it has meant to me and to the thousands of people around the world who have experienced healing miracles from Divine Healing Hands blessings. The purpose of life is to serve. Divine Healing Hands have helped me to fulfill this purpose. It can do the same for you. 

Have a blessed and beautiful day.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine