About Master Elaine

About Master Elaine

Master Elaine is a powerful healer, teacher and soul communicator. A Divine Channel and Reader of the Akashic Records, she is one of only 30 Worldwide Representatives of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She is also honored to be one of Master Sha’s editors.

Master Elaine’s intensive studies with Master Sha since 2005 have prepared her to be a powerful servant for humanity in these challenging times. With divine inspiration and a compassionate heart, she helps others to identify and understand their life challenges and empowers them with soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to transform all aspects of life, including health, relationships, finances, and more. Master Elaine offers soul readings for life and spiritual guidance, soul healing blessings, including Crown Chakra Blessings, Divine Karma Cleansing, Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer training and more via workshops, retreats and personal consultations.



Immense gratitude to Elaine Ward for a deeply powerful healing last evening at her event in Kingston. If you have an opportunity to experience the Divine working through her, take it!

Kingston, NY

Thank you for your devotion to the Divine. It is through the light and love you radiate that others can be transformed.

My first experience at your workshop was the beginning of a higher and deeper understanding of deep spiritual truths for me. Teachings that the mind normally find hard to accept and/or comprehend touched and changed my soul and consciousness very deeply. I shed many tears, but they were cleansing, releasing, healing, humbling and forgiving tears.

Master Elaine, your soul is gentle, loving, forgiving, patient, generous and kind.

With so much Joy and Gratitude in my Heart,

Carolyn G.
Middletown, NY

I have no words sufficient to thank you enough for your beautiful gifts. You are truly a light worker.

Poughkeepsie, New York

It was wonderful to meet you by phone on Tuesday evening. Thank you and the Divine for the perfect insights, blessings and healings. I got right into a good and productive flow starting Wednesday morning! I feel like myself again –yay!
I know I’ll meet you in person, and I very much look forward to that day.

Westchester, NY

I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my ankle and was treated with six weeks of physical therapy, which offered very little relief from the severe pain I was experiencing.

After two soul healing sessions, I now have more mobility and less pain than I've had in twelve months. She also gave me homework to do, allowing me the opportunity to participate in my own healing. I am very grateful.

Lawrence McCauley, CHT, CR (Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Reflexologist)
Kingston, NY

After the soul healing introduction you presented, I spoke Soul Language for the next three days, almost non-stop (seems my soul had a lot to say!). It was quite a beautiful voice.
The result of it all is that I seem to be free of the resentments, defensiveness, and hard rage I'd been carrying around, oh, since I was about four years old!

The personality that was me is no longer and I'd say it was from your healing transmission -- and the fact that Saturn has left my sign after being there for two long years!

In any case, I'm free!

With deepest respect and gratitude,
Kingston, NY


  1. Master Elaine has such a beautiful, loving and open heart. Anyone who has the opportunity and honor to learn and be with her should take it. It will transform your life.

  2. Dear Master David, Thank you for your loving comment. I am honored beyond words to serve and to be given the opportunity to do so in this lifetime. All credit goes to Master Sha, the Divine, and all of Heaven. With much love and gratitude.