Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blast off on March 20!

Greetings, all.
It has been far too long since I made a post.

I believe in our hearts that most human beings want the same thing: to live in harmony. But so many people do not know how to open their hearts to one another, to stop the harmful speech and actions. They do not realize that their very thoughts, words and actions are creating more challenges and suffering. Truly, they are blinded by their karma, oftentimes thinking that they are doing the right thing. I have long believed that people do the best they can with what they have. And what they have is their karma.

How can we live together in harmony unless something changes drastically? How can we make a difference in the vast ocean of suffering?

We must commit to transforming our speech, our thoughts, our actions. We must place our attention on the light and not feed the negativity and darkness. We must bring the light. 

We must purify our hearts so we can BE the light.

The most powerful way I know to do this is to sing Love, Peace and Harmony:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

To sing this Divine Song is to serve countless souls by offering them your love.

It is to awaken them to the Divine's calling to join hearts and souls together in order to create love, peace and harmony.

There is much more I can say about this precious song that is a treasure to transform humanity's consciousness and hearts to those of love, peace and harmony.

Tomorrow, March 20 is the launch of the non-profit Love Peace Harmony Foundation. This organization is totally committed to creating love, peace and harmony for all humanity and Mother Earth and beyond. It is totally committed to serving in order to make others happier and healthier.

From my heart, I ask you to please support the Love Peace Harmony Thunderclap campaign to BLAST a message of love, peace and harmony to hundreds of thousands of people through social media. Social media can create so much momentum to bring the light in a very BIG way. Won't you join  me?

Please click this link and scroll down to support this campaign through your social media contacts, and one message will be posted to your Facebook profile on March 20 at 3 pm EDT that says you support Love, Peace and Harmony. Let's use social media for something truly worthwhile: to create a wave of light to transform consciousness and hearts everywhere.

You will be blessed. Humanity will be blessed. One song CAN make a huge difference on Mother Earth. Watch the heart-touching new Love Peace Harmony video. 

I invite you to join a very special program with Master Sha--Love Peace Harmony for World Happiness--on March 20 at 2 pm on to launch the Love Peace Harmony Foundation. You will receive major blessings for every aspect of life.

Thank you from my heart and soul for your support. 

Together we can change the world.

With love and gratitude,
Master Elaine

Monday, January 5, 2015

Creating Love, Peace and Harmony for All Humanity

Greetings and Happy New Year!

I hope that you have had some time to reflect on the last year, express gratitude, and look ahead to the new year. The new year holds great promise and opportunity.

One thing I like to do at this time of year is to look at ways in which I need to transform, and how I can help others do the same. You may deeply desire to help others, too. How can we empower others to heal their relationships, health issues, balance emotions, bless their careers, and more? How can humanity experience more peace in their hearts?

For many people, simplicity is the key. We want to know the most effective and simple ways to transform. I have found that truth is simple, and practices and exercises to create great transformation can be quite simple.

I have always enjoyed singing. Growing up, and even as an adult, almost everything would remind me of a song. 

As I started on a conscious spiritual journey, chanting became a very important practice. I chanted/sang for hours every day. And since I began studying with my spiritual father and teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, I have learned more about chanting and why it works. My last post described this in detail so I won't go into it here, but I urge you to consider chanting more or, if you do not chant, start. Your chanting service will greatly benefit you, your family, your community, and many, many others. How compassionate of the Divine to give us singing as a spiritual practice!

Everyone can sing. It truly does not matter what your voice sounds like. It is all beautiful. A heart that is eager to serve others is most beautiful and precious.

Master Sha launched the love Peace Harmony Movement in Chennai, India in 2010. Since then, many thousands of people around the world have joined, and have committed to chanting for 15 minutes or more every day. I urge you to read more about this global movement to uplift humanity and create love, peace and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all souls by chanting the Divine Soul Song Love. Peace and Harmony.

Learn more and join the Love Peace Harmony Movement. So many heart-touching stories have been created from singing this beautiful Divine Soul Song. The benefits are literally endless. I look forward to hearing about your experiences chanting this most precious song. It is truly a gift to humanity from the Divine.

Until next time.

With love from my heart,

Master Elaine

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our words, thoughts, and behaviors can create more suffering or uplift others


This is a very auspicious time of year, when our hearts long for peace and understanding perhaps more than any other time of year. It is a time of inclusiveness and gathering. Of coming home. In our hearts, each of us desires to reduce humanity's pain and suffering. We wish to live in a world of love, peace and harmony.

Many people meditate, do volunteer work, donate their time, resources, and more to help make a difference in their communities and the world. To alleviate suffering. To help make other people happier and healthier. To bring comfort. To bring more love and light to the hearts of humanity.

Our words, thoughts, and behaviors can create more suffering or uplift others. We can make a tremendous difference in the world. We can create and manifest real, lasting change in our personal life and in the world. One of the simplest and most powerful ways to accomplish this is by chanting. Many traditions chant, though they may call it something else. They could repeat a prayer or sing a hymn.

Each word carries a message and vibration. Think of a prayer or mantra, a special sound or phrase that one repeats over and over to bring healing, transformation, grounding, peace, expansion, connection to the Divine or Source, etc. Whether we know it or not, we very likely have a mantra. Pause for a moment to think about your personal mantra. For many people, it is:

I have no money...I don't like my job...My partner doesn't understand me...My son/daughter/car/boss/washing machine/pet/neighbor is a pain in the neck...I can never catch a break...

You get the idea. We become what we chant, so change the message to change your life. Change the mantra. We have the power to change our lives and simultaneously create positive change in the world. How blessed we are!

You can deeply affect and transform your condition, whether it be disharmony in the workplace or family, anxiety or depression, health issues, inner struggles, and so much more, by chanting. At the same time, by joining together with the collective intention to serve humanity and uplift the vibration, frequency, consciousness, and hearts of humanity, tremendous love, light, and transformation will be brought to Mother Earth.

My spiritual father and teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha received a beautiful and precious gift from the Divine in 2005 to share with humanity. This gift is the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony
Love, peace and harmony

To sing this song is a blessing. To sing this song for 15 minutes per day is a blessing beyond comprehension. To join hearts and souls together to chant in service to humanity, Mother Earth, and all souls is a tremendous blessing for you, your community, humanity, and Mother Earth.

Why is this so? This Divine Soul Song carries Divine frequency and vibration, with Divine love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Each line of this Divine Song is a treasure:

I love my heart and soul: This is a self-healing mantra. Imagine replacing negative self-talk with I love my heart and soulThis mantra can purify your soul, heart, mind, and body and heal sickness.

I love all humanity: As you sing this, you are serving humanity by offering your love to humanity. Through unconditional service to others, we clear our karma that is the root cause of the blockages in our life.

Join hearts and souls together: This is the Divine's calling; for us to join hearts and souls together as One. No separation.

Love, peace and harmony: This is the final goal of this time on Mother Earth; to create a peaceful and harmonized world. The time is now.

Around the world, thousands of people have joined the global Love Peace Harmony Movement founded by Master Sha in 2010, and have committed to chanting this song for 15 minutes every day. There have been many, many healing miracles from chanting Love, Peace and Harmony. For the third consecutive year, we will be chanting this simple and extremely powerful Divine Soul Song 24/7 from December 8-January 24. Non-stop chanting of this Divine Soul Song for 46 days straight! The power, light, and transformation will be beyond words and comprehension.

For the past two years I have been extremely blessed to participate and lead some of the chanting sessions each day, and they are extraordinary. I also join throughout the day to chant as others lead. I call you to join us to chant. You can learn this beautiful Divine Soul Song very easily. Listen to it here:

I encourage you to join whenever you can, as often as you can. The frequency will continue to increase as the days go on. It is completely free to participate. Register here, and you can join us on the Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel. 

From my heart, I cannot encourage you enough to participate in this free service for the upliftment of humanity. Chant for world love, peace, and harmony! You will be extremely blessed.

I love you and honor you.

Until next time.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Receive Heaven's and Mother Earth's Nourishment

Dear Ones,

You may have had experiences in your life where you were deeply touched, inspired, and transformed. It could have been from reading a book, participating in a seminar, an experience in nature or with a spiritual teacher or something else that stirred your heart and soul. For me, watching Master Sha serve inspires me to be more loving, compassionate, unconditional, and more. To be a better servant. He gives selflessly and sacrifices so much to help humanity to heal, to transform, and to uplift and advance their soul journey beyond description.

The Tao I-II Retreats have been incredibly heart-touching and opening in this regard. It is a most sacred time. The teaching, blessings, and practices transform our shen qi jing (soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter) blockages moment by moment. Just being in Master Sha's presence does this.  Throughout history, spiritual seekers have spent lifetimes to purify to such a degree that they could reach and meld with Tao. Still, so few accomplished this. We are extremely blessed to have this opportunity to receive these teachings.

I invite you to join the Tao III-IV Retreats for Healing, Rejuvenation, and Longevity via live webcast from wherever you are in the world. The healing and transformation that is possible is beyond words.

I am sharing a powerful practice to receive Heaven's and Mother Earth's nourishment, to build your Jin Dan (golden light ball in the lower abdomen), and remove shen qi jing blockages in order to heal, rejuvenate, and reach a very special condition. 

Apply the practice often to experience its power. In one sentence:

If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it.

Watch the joy-filled video below and practice along with Master Sha. You will be extremely blessed. 

     Text                                                Translation/meaning
Tao Sheng Yi                                 Tao creates One
Tian Yi Zhen Shui                          Heaven’s unique sacred liquid
Jin Jin Yu Ye                                  Gold liquid, jade liquid
Yan Ru Dan Tian                           Swallow into the Lower Dan Tian
Shen Qi Jing He Yi                        Soul energy matter join as one
Tian Di Ren He Yi                         Heaven, Mother Earth, human being join as one
Jin Dan Lian Chengj                      Jin Dan is formed
Bai Bing Xiao Chu                         All sickness disappears
Yu Fang Bai Bing                          Prevent all sickness
Fan Lao Huan Tong                      Return old age to the health and purity of a baby
Chang Shou Yong Sheng             Longevity and immortality

Share your experience. I would love to hear from you!

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dear Ones,

Today I am filled with gratitude, not only for what I have received in the form of spiritual teachings, healing, blessings, and more, but for all that is available to those who are ready to receive.

Our task is to open to receive and to share what we receive in service to others. As we heal and transform, as we raise our vibration and more, we can better serve others.

Open to receive!

Just being in the presence of a high level spiritual master such as my teacher, Master Sha, removes blockages in the soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter (shen qi jing). 

His generosity-in the form of blessings and more-transforms our blockages from our many lifetimes. 

What does this mean? 

It saves us lifetimes-not days, months, or years-of struggle, suffering, and spiritual practice.

Step into the Tao. Join the Tao Retreats.

Looking forward to joining with you.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

Friday, October 10, 2014

Receive Divine's Love

Hello, dear Ones.

The Divine has guided me to share something with you. 

Like most people, you could be experiencing challenges in your life. No one is immune to this. We all have blockages we wish to transform. They may be in our relationships, finances, health, or any aspect of life. They could even be in several categories.

These issues can bring great pain to our heart. 

When we are in the midst of our difficult and what feels like the darkest times, we can feel so alone in our suffering. I have experienced times when I felt alone. Afraid. Not sure what to do next or who to talk to. Or even if I should talk about it. Times when I felt I would lose my mind.

By the grace of Heaven, I am here. And you are too. 

Remember always that you are loved beyond measure. That the Divine believes in you, supports and nourishes you, lifts you up, and holds you so tenderly. You are deeply loved and cherished.

The Divine wishes to give you a message. Relax and open to receive.


My dear sons and daughters,

I love you beyond all time and space. I love you from head to toe, skin to bone; every cell in your being is infused with my love. I give this to you freely, but sometimes you go deep in your pain and close yourself off from me. This pains my heart because I want only to serve you. That is my deepest desire: to love you so you can share my love with others. 

I am always here for you. Call me. By whatever name you use, call me. I will never leave you. There are some lessons to learn in your physical life. Appreciate them and learn them quickly so you need not repeat them. This is my gift to you: opportunity after opportunity to accomplish what you are here to do: to learn what needs learning so you can be my presence to others. So you can align more fully with me. The more you align with me, the more freedom you will experience. There may still be challenges, it is true. But you will be liberated from the suffering that separation brings.

Remember this message. Connect with it when you are hurting. 

I will now offer you a blessing through this blog, through Master Elaine. Sit quietly. Relax. Close your eyes and open to receive my love. (Click on recording below.) 

I love you. Love you. Love you. 

I bless you. Bless you. Bless you.

Hao! Hao! Hao! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You can return to this post to receive this blessing again and again. 

I'd like very much to hear from you. Leave me a message.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day. 

With love from my heart,

Master Elaine

Friday, September 5, 2014

An Unshakable Heart


Years ago I heard a spiritual teacher say that suffering is grace because it brings us closer to the Divine.

While I have had this experience, lately I have come to realize more and more that this is not always the case.

Sometimes we suffer and distance ourselves from the Divine. We may become angry or give up on the Divine. Or feel as though the Divine has given up on us. 

This is never the case. 

The challenges we face can be stumbling blocks that take us off our path (whatever that may be), or they can be stepping stones that lead us further down the path. The choice is ours. Whatever we are facing can be fuel for the journey, or it can completely derail us.

I shared in one of my first blog posts about a difficult time I went through years ago. I was newly divorced with a young son and I lost my home. I held onto my spiritual practice more than ever, and not only made it through those times, which lasted a few years, but they were pivotal times in my life. Despite being some of the more challenging times in my life, they were some of the most beautiful. Truly. They were times of such incredible beauty and expansion. My practice at the time was devotional chanting. I had the Names of God in my heart and on my lips for hours every day. And everything was okay, no matter what it looked like from the outside.

Master Sha teaches about having an unshakable heart. We have to be solid so nothing can shake our heart.

In the Immortal Tao Classic, two hundred twenty sacred phrases for the spiritual journey that Master Sha received from the Tao, there is one line in particular that deeply moves me: 

Lian Xin Bu Dong 

Pronounced lyen sheen boo dawng, this means the Xiu Lian heart cannot be shaken. Xiu means purification and “Lian” means practice. “Xiu Lian” (pronounced sheo lyen) means practice to purify soul, heart, mind, and body. If you are a serious spiritual practitioner, or if you wish to live a peaceful, balanced life, an unshakable heart is a must. 

There is much negativity and pollution on Mother Earth. There is pollution of all kinds, not only environmental pollution. You cannot let it shake your heart. Walking a spiritual path can be challenging at times; to not be distracted by the pollution, and to always be aware of how easily we can create new karma by what we speak, what we see, what we think, what we do. 

One of the benefits of spiritual practice is that it purifies the heart. With a pure heart, the negativity and pollution around you won`t shake your heart. It won`t derail you. It cannot distract you from your journey. What`s more, when faced with challenges big or small, you can stay on track, or more easily get back on track. 

Use everything you can as fuel for your journey, and your journey will keep moving forward.

Everything you do, and everything you experience, can be a way of coming to God.

Have a blessed and beautiful day.

Until next time.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine