About Master Sha

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a world-renowned spiritual master, inspired teacher and an extraordinary healer. Trained as a conventional medical doctor in China and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China and in Canada, he is also a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, feng shui, and the I Ching. Dr. Sha is an expert in the most advanced cellular healing science now occurring in China. In the West, he is involved in breakthrough research on the effects of spirit on the human system. Master Sha was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong. In 2006, he was honored with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts. Master Sha is featured in the documentary film, Soul Masters. Founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and the global Love Peace Harmony Movement, Master Sha is dedicated to transforming the consciousness of humanity, in order to create love, peace and harmony for humanity and Mother Earth. His New York Times bestselling Soul Power Series books reveal soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques to transform every aspect of life.

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