Saturday, November 16, 2013

Start Where You Are

Feeling grateful. Extremely grateful.

Grateful for my spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha. Grateful for loving family, friends, and soul family. For this day and all it brings. For the opportunity to learn lessons as a result of the mistakes I have made. For the indescribable blessings of every day. For the forgiveness I have received for the many mistakes I have made that have caused pain and suffering to others in all my lifetimes.

To purify the heart is to first acknowledge our impurities. Not one of us is perfect. But we can do the work to improve. We can purify our thoughts. We can purify our speech. We can purify our actions, and act with unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and light.

Start where you are, wherever that may be.

And always remember: you are loved beyond measure.

Until next time.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine


  1. Thank you Master Elaine for sharing this extremly uplifting message with us! My heart opened just reading it and really going into the message.

    Today I am most grateful for my spiritual father and teacher Master Sha. Sometimes it is really hard to grasp for me how lucky I have been to have met Master Sha in this lifetime. But like you suggested: Just start from right here!

    With love and appreciation!

    1. Thank you, Nina. Gratitude is the key! We are extremely blessed.
      Love and blessings to you, Master Elaine