Thursday, October 24, 2013

Golden Opportunities

I had a sudden realization as I was driving one day. Here it is:

Everything we think, say and do is our offering to the Divine.


Yes. Further, whatever we think, say and do reverberates throughout humanity, Mother Earth and all universes. Our speech, thoughts and behavior affect countless beings and deeply impact our physical life and spiritual journey.

This may make you feel good. Or you could have a sinking "uh oh" feeling. Or something in between the two. Are you offering love, forgiveness, compassion, light, integrity, purity, selflessness? Or are you offering complaining, jealousy, anger, selfishness ...?


This much I know to be true:

Every day, in every moment, we have the opportunity to transform. It starts with awareness.

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Have a beautiful day!

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

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  1. Dear Master Elaine,

    this is truly a powerful teaching! A very important point to really keep in awareness at every moment and to serve better.

    Thank you for adjusting my mind today to better service!

  2. Dear NIna, Thank you for your comment. It is my honor to serve.
    With love and blessings on your journey, Master Elaine