Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Life and Soul Journey Were Transformed Forever

My life was transformed in 2005. Even greater, my entire soul journey was transformed.

You see, I met my spiritual teacher, Dr. and Master Sha in 2005 when I attended his five-day workshop at Omega Institute about healing with herbs. Every now and then, Master Sha would share a nugget--a gem--a jewel--of soul wisdom. I had studied with another spiritual teacher and participated in many spiritual retreats and events prior to this, but had never experienced such deeply profound teachings.

At least not in this lifetime.

On the edge of my seat for five days, I could not get enough.

My soul recognized truth.

The most profound truth was that of the universal law of karma. Though our minds may not fully grasp, or even be aware of it, our souls know this law very well. This is because our beloved soul carries our negative karma, created in this lifetime and past lifetimes through our unpleasant thoughts, words, actions, inaction and more.

I participated in the five-day workshop with Master Sha, followed by a two-day soul healing event in New York City. At that event, Master Sha offered--and I received--Divine Karma Cleansing of my personal karma.

The misdeeds I had done to others throughout all my lifetimes were forgiven. My spiritual debt was paid. How blessed we are that the Divine has offered this service for ten years.

Our negative karma can create blockages in every aspect of life: our health, with chronic or life-threatening conditions; our emotions, with anxiety, depression, anger, fear and other emotional imbalances; our mental body, with mental illness, confusion, lack of clarity and more; our relationships; our finances and business and so much more.

There is a spiritual reason for everything.

When I first received Divine Karma Cleansing, I experienced countless layers--like skins of an onion--quickly falling from me into the ground. Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Layer after layer; lifetime after lifetime of karma was cleared.

Though I didn't fully understand the magnitude of the blessing I had received, the gratitude in my heart was deep.

In those few moments, my life and soul journey were transformed forever. Blockages that were removed from my path included emotional instability, serious physical conditions that would take my life at an early age, and more.

Unencumbered by the weight of this burden, my soul was free. I experienced deep peace and stillness in my heart. True joy. To be free of karma is to be free of the things that keep us rooted in our suffering, and not just for this lifetime, but for all future lifetimes as well. The possibility for real transformation exists because the root blockage is no longer there.

This is a gift beyond all gifts. I share this because Divine Karma Cleansing is ending very soon, at the end of 2013. The purpose of physical life is to serve our soul journey. I encourage you to do whatever you can to receive this tremendous blessing for your entire soul journey.

For more information about how you can receive Divine Karma Cleansing, go to or email me at

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed new year filled with love, peace, harmony and abundance.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

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