Sunday, March 9, 2014

Longing To Be One With The Divine

Many people go though life feeling isolated or separate from others. 

I have come to realize that, ultimately, this is a result of our separation from the Divine. Our relationship with the Divine is our original relationship, and separation from The Source deeply affects us: our physical life and, of course, our soul journey.

Years ago I heard about an Indian saint who was so desperate to meld with the Divine that he cried out in pain. He rubbed his face in the dirt. The pain of separation was so great. 

And so it can be with us. 

This separation can deeply impact our health, relationships, and every aspect of our lives. What causes this separation to become even greater? Each time we harm another soul through our speech, thoughts, and behavior, this separation grows because we are further from the Divine. Each time we have spoken or thought negatively about the Divine, have complained about our life and what we have been given, this separation is made greater. 

Though in our heart we long to be One with the Divine, there is separation, even for the most dedicated spiritual practitioners. And there is karma between us and the Divine resulting from our thoughts, words, and behaviors from all our lifetimes. 

When I learned this just a few days ago from my spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha, it made so much sense. Most relationships carry karma. What is a relationship like that carries much karma? There is misalignment and disharmony. The relationship can be filled with challenges and blockages of all kinds. 

In past lifetimes we could have done many things to create karma between us and the Divine, including acting against a great spiritual teacher sent here to serve humanity, and much more. This could create a huge amount of karma between us and the Divine. How can we align fully with the Divine when we have karma that blocks this most significant of all our relationships?

To have this karma removed could transform every aspect of your life and soul journey. 

Below is my flow (soul communication) with Heaven about the tremendous blessing of receiving Karma Cleansing for your relationship with the Divine. I am honored to share:

Hao! To receive Karma Cleansing for the relationship between you and the Divine is to remove blockages to aligning with the Divine and Heaven. These blockages can deeply affect your health, emotions, relationships, finances, spiritual channels, and every aspect of your life, including your Tao and immortality journey. To be blocked in your alignment with Heaven can cause you to lose your way on the spiritual journey. To receive this extraordinary blessing is one of the MOST extraordinary blessings a soul can receive. You will have greater possibility to meld with me; to become One. You will come to me because that which keeps you from me will be removed. My heart will be your heart. My consciousness will be your consciousness. You will walk more fully on the path of the Divine and your teacher. You will embrace divine wisdom in an entirely new way. You will have the capacity to serve with greater Da Ai (greatest love), Da Kuan Shu (greatest forgiveness), Da Ci Bei (greatest compassion), and Da Guang Ming (greatest light). 

So much is possible when all that blocks you from aligning with Heaven is transformed. Align soul, heart, mind, and body with Heaven. Receive the greatest blessing. You are beyond blessed. Your life, your soul journey will benefit exponentially. You will be empowered like never before to accomplish your tasks. This is just the beginning of the significance of receiving Karma Cleansing for your relationship with the Divine. Do not miss this opportunity. You are deeply loved and blessed. Hao!

To receive this incredible blessing will help you to align more fully with your true purpose, to be a greater presence of the Divine, and to accomplish your soul journey. 

I am extremely grateful. I urge you not to miss this extraordinary opportunity.

With love from my heart,
Master Elaine

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  1. I am deeply grateful to have received this greatest blessing. I know I will never fully comprehend what it has done for my life and my soul journey. Count less bowdowns! Love you Master Elaine!

    1. Congratulations, Bee! You are indeed blessed.
      Thank you for your comment and for your love.

      Much love and light to you,
      Master Elaine

  2. We are extremely blessed to have Master Sha and Divine offering this blessing to us. We really cannot bow down enough for the opportunity to receive this blessing. I am so grateful to be able to get this blessing for my ancestors and myself.

    1. Dear Lavanna,

      This is so very true. We are extremely blessed to receive such life-transforming and generous blessings. Congratulations to you and your ancestors. How wonderful!

      Love and blessings,
      Master Elaine